This convention has been a long time in the planning stages. Much has been done to ensure that all attendees have an enjoyable and meaningful experience. Now we ask you to join us in helping everything to run smoothly by reviewing the guidelines below.

Please check in on time.

Please arrive with plenty of time to check in and retrieve your name badge, event materials, and merchandise. Registration is located in the Foyer of the Royal Palm Ballroom and is open

  • Thursday, May 26, 7am-7pm, and
  • Friday, May 27, 6-8:30am.

For those arriving late or attending indvidual classes after Friday morning, you can check in at the IYNAUS information desk located near the entrance to the Mizner Center.

Review our updated schedule of events.

All classes as well as special events take place inside or near the Grand Ballroom of the Mizner Center. Throughout the resort and Mizner Center, you will find signs directing you to all other key areas of the convention including the marketplace, archives room, volunteer office, storage areas, and more.


  • 7am-7pm Registration, Royal Palm Ballroom Foyer
  • 12-4pm, Marketplace, Addison Ballroom
  • 4-5pm Meet & Greet, Grand Ballroom Foyer
  • 5pm Keynote Address, Grand Ballroom


  • 6-8:30pm Registration, Royal Palm Ballroom Foyer
  • 7-8:15am, Marketplace, Addison Ballroom
  • 8:30am Mega Class, Grand Ballroom
  • 12-3pm Personal Practice, Grand Ballroom
  • 12-4pm, Marketplace, Addison Ballroom
  • 4-6pm Mega Class, Grand Ballroom
  • 6:30-8:30pm, Marketplace, Addison Ballroom


  • 7-8:15am, Marketplace, Addison Ballroom
  • 8:30am Mega Class, Grand Ballroom
  • 12-2pm, Marketplace, Addison Ballroom
  • 2-4pm Mega Class, Grand Ballroom
  • 4-5pm, Marketplace, Addison Ballroom


  • 7-8:15am, Marketplace, Addison Ballroom
  • 8:30am Mega Class, Grand Ballroom
  • 12-7pm, Marketplace, Addison Ballroom
  • 2-3pm IYNAUS General Membership Meeting, Grand Ballroom
  • 7pm Banquet, Grand Ballroom
  • 8pm Demonstration, Grand Ballroom


  • 7-8:15am, Marketplace, Addison Ballroom
  • 8:30am Mega Class, Grand Ballroom
  • 11:45am Closing Ceremony, Grand Ballroom

Please note that while admission to Thursday's Meet and Greet is for registrants only, tickets to the Keynote address on Thursday at 5pm are available for purchase at registration for $20 (cash only).

Review lodging and parking details.

Check-in time at the Wyndham Hotel is at 3pm and at 4pm at the resort. Although the Meet and Greet starts at 4pm on Thursday, the resort will try to accommodate those arriving on Thursday with an earlier check-in time. However, if that is not possible, you will be able leave your luggage with the front desk and check into your rooms after the keynote.

Parking at the resort is available for $31.50 for overnight parking, and at a discounted rate of $7 per day (for those staying off site and self parking).

Finalize your travel plans.

Super Shuttle is offering a discounted rate for Convention participants from Miami and Ft. Lauderdale airports. Reserve a spot and use the code X4HBS. While not discounted, note that the $39 shared ride fare from Palm Beach International is a good price. There are also affordable options through Lyft and Uber. Uber, please download the Uber app before arriving in Florida.

Make sure you have the required props.

You will need a yoga mat, four blankets, one block, and two straps. Please mark your props in some creative way so that you can easily identify them. Those who ordered prop kits or yoga mats when registering may pick them up when checking in. You may also purchase props from vendors at our marketplace.

Leave your valuables behind.

Practice skillfulness in action. There will be storage areas for shoes and yoga bags outside classrooms, but no secure area for valuables. Plan to leave your valuables in your hotel room, at home, or in your car. In some cases, shoe and bag storage will be in hallways, and extra vigilance will be needed to place items neatly along the walls so as not to inconvenience others around us.

Spread the word!

We have had issues with our registration-related emails being blocked by strict spam filters. Take a minute to forward this email to any friends or colleagues who are participating in the convention, to make sure they also received this email. Thank you for your help and understanding.