Don't miss the IYNAUS membership meeting!

The IYNAUS General Membership Meeting will take place on Sunday from 2-3pm in the Grand Ballroom. If you arrive by 1:30pm, we will be showing a 30-minute film of Guruji's practice from 1975! The meeting is open to all.

Be prepared to store and transport your props.

We have a limited amount of prop storage space in the Mizner Center reserved for those with health issues or those not staying at the resort. To use this storage area, you must be prepared to arrive early enough to retrieve your props so that you are not late for class.

We strongly encourage all others to take their props with them after each class. You may not leave them in the ballroom in between classes. If you did not purchase a prop kit, have a way to move your props comfortably, for example, using luggage with wheels. Be sure to mark your props and prop kits creatively so that you can identify them.

What can you bring into class?

Only props may be brought into class. Prop bags will be stored with shoes. Specifically: no note taking, phones, photos or filming by students permitted during classes. Valuables should be kept in your room or car. Hall monitors will insure that your belongings are safe.

Resort parking for those staying off-site

For those staying off-site, self-parking is available for $7/day, starting Wednesday.

  • To access self parking, you MUST drive through the main gate (which has a gate house).
  • Tell the resort employee at the gate house that you are with the "Iyengar Yoga Convention."
  • You will be guided to garage next to the Mizner Center to park. There will be signs and parking attendants to assist you. Follow the signs to enter to Mizner Center.

Anyone staying offsite must get a guest courtesy card (available at registration) to use any of hotel facilities. (Those staying at the resort do not need one as they are associated with their room number.)